The Real Truth About 3 wheel Rail Rider Advantage

//The Real Truth About 3 wheel Rail Rider Advantage

The Real Truth About 3 wheel Rail Rider Advantage

The Real Truth About 3 wheel Rail Rider Advantage! Raising one wheel of a Pinewood Derby Car may give you an advantage. But why? Almost everyone will say that it reduces friction, thus allowing the car to be faster. This false statement is widely used by almost all online Pinewood Derby retailers. I often see people who claim to be credentialed engineers making similar claims.

Here is what happens when you raise one wheel:

When one wheel is raised, that amount of weight that was originally being supported is transferred to the other three wheels. This will actually INCREASE the friction on the other 3 wheel bores.

Lastly, when a car with 4 wheels has one wheel raised from making contact and not being allowed to spin, 1/4 or 25% of the rotational energy that was previously used is now available to increase its linear velocity.

So next time you hear that claim being made, rest assured, you know the facts. And if you see a Pinewood Derby retailer promoting this falsehood to sell their products, you should probably be skeptical about their other gimmicky claims.

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I have been making pinewood derby cars for a LONG time. Using trial and error and published physics backed research, I have come up with the proven formula that yields the fastest and most consistent results. I am fortunate to have the space and resources to build test cars on my 42ft remote activated 4 space sensor test track. After thousands of pinewood derby builds, the cars just get better. I have tested countless Pinewood Derby products and cars from various vendors and I know what works and what is the best. I am pleased to share this with you!

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