Lego Batman BATMOBILE pinewood derby car with figurine

//Lego Batman BATMOBILE pinewood derby car with figurine

Lego Batman BATMOBILE pinewood derby car with figurine

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● CNC prescision machined body
● Unfinished body
● Streamlined body design
● Made from official BSA block
● BSA slots
● Lead weighted
● Center of gravity is between .70″-1.10″
● Weight is 115-124 grams
● Lego Batman figurine included
● Superglue included
● Batman decal included
● Foil tape included

WHY MY Lego Batman BATMOBILE pinewood derby car with figurine IS THE BEST?

All of the bat mobile designs that you see on the internet or at hobby stores are made just for looks. They look cool. They are fun. But they are not designed for speed. They are big and bulky designs that are not streamlined or balanced.

 This body is both machine and hand made. There is a lot of work in each body.  These bodies are unfinished and will need to be sanded, primed, and painted. 

The weight pockets contain lead which is already glued in place. The lead is kept below the pocket to easily allow for the use of an axle install tool. A piece of foil tape is provided to cover the lead pockets after you have painted your car and brought it to its final weight.

I’ve made lots of cars. You can visit my youtube channel:


A car is only as good as the builder who makes it. If you have no experience tuning cars, you are not going to win against seasoned builders even if you have the greatest parts, optimal weight placement, and superior lubrication. The tuning process is key. Learn it!

NOTE- A 7/8″ forstner bit can be used to drill a shallow hole in the canopy for the Lego Batman figurine to sit. The 7/8 forstner bit is NOT included.

Also, it is recommended to pre-drill all axle slots with a #44 drill bit to ensure that the slots do not split when you try to install the axles.

-CA prop 65 warning-

THIS ITEM CONTAINS LEAD. LEAD IS TOXIC TO HUMANS AND ANIMALS. Please practice safe handling techniques and dispose of properly.

***To minimize paper consumption, an invoice is not provided with your order  If you need a tangible copy, please specify at checkout.***


Lego Batman BATMOBILE pinewood derby car with figurine


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