About AdamLexx

I have been making pinewood derby cars for a LONG time. Using trial and error and published physics backed research, I have come up with the proven formula that yields the fastest and most consistent results. I am fortunate to have the space and resources to build test cars on my 42ft remote activated 4 space sensor test track. After thousands of pinewood derby builds, the cars just get better. I have tested countless Pinewood Derby products and cars from various vendors and I know what works and what is the best. I am pleased to share this with you!

Pinewood Derby Axles

You will rarely find a factory Pinewood Derby axle that is straight.  How can you tell?  Take your axles and chuck them in a drill press approximately 1/2" from the head.  Now spin the axle at a high RPM.  Notice the wobble?  Yep, the axle is not straight.  Now chuck it closer to the head.  The wobble may be less or even disappear.  

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