Advantage of Mold Matched Pinewood Derby Wheels

//Advantage of Mold Matched Pinewood Derby Wheels

Advantage of Mold Matched Pinewood Derby Wheels

The Advantage of Mold Matched Pinewood Derby Wheels may help you get that final push to the finish line.

What exactly is the real advantage of having Mold Matched Pinewood Derby wheels?

Pinewood Derby wheels are made of plastic. Each wheel has a mold number on the inside. The mold numbers range from 1-15. Each individual mold number has a unique inner bore diameter. If you have all 4 matching wheel molds, you will also have matching inner bore diameters. If each wheel has a different inner bore diameter, this may affect overall performance and be harder to tune, especially on a tuning board.

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I have been making pinewood derby cars for a LONG time. Using trial and error and published physics backed research, I have come up with the proven formula that yields the fastest and most consistent results. I am fortunate to have the space and resources to build test cars on my 42ft remote activated 4 space sensor test track. After thousands of pinewood derby builds, the cars just get better. I have tested countless Pinewood Derby products and cars from various vendors and I know what works and what is the best. I am pleased to share this with you!

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