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Finally got my car. Looks great!
Gary Pinkham
Before the race, we used all of the graphite!
Marcus Washington
Above all, we got to add our finishing touches to the car!
Tricia Riley
We came. We conquered!
Elipses Corter
You the man humble21!
Benedict Nyquillus
bulk pinewood derby car order by humble21creations
Fastest Fully Built Complete Legal Race Ready Pinewood Derby Car by humble21creations
  • Cars and parts are made from the official BSA® kit.
  • Tuned on a 42 ft Track with Youtube video.
  • 3 wheels Rail Rider used for a winning Pinewood® Derby car.
  • Weight is short of 5 oz  for scale deviation and decals.
  • Unique Pinewood Derby® car designs.
  • Choose factory BSA, lightly lathed, or ultralight warp speed wheels
  • Polished wheels and axles with the best graphite for Pinewood Derby® racing.
  • Graphite is included.
Car finally arrived and exceeded expectations.  Thank You!
Patrick Walsh
Thanks for the overnight shipping!
Alicia Bell
I dropped my car 2 weeks before the race. Humble21creations sent me a new one fast!
Travis Dalton
D'Squarius Green, Jr.
Just in time!  Our decals were perfect!
Holly Ivy
Nice work.  Very pleased with this service.
Sequester Grundelplith M.D.
Close call but we made it to the race! Thanks.
Beatrice Hamilton
Also, we got to participate!
Darius Foster
Probably the best PWD service around!
Liz North
Finally found the best!
Sampson Reynolds
Certainly exceeded expectations.
Jason Ellis

Fastest Fully Built Complete Legal Race Ready Pinewood Derby Car

Finally, a turnkey professional pinewood derby car builder with published results!

Humble21creations has set the standard for ready to race Pinewood Derby® cars.  Most noteworthy, humble21creations has over a thousand builds.

Only the best car designs and ideal COG (center of gravity) is used. Because of this, humble21creations  finds that ‘SWEET SPOT’ for the BEST weight placement.

Above all, Humble21creations uses the tricks, tips, and Pinewood Derby Physics speed research to gain every advantage.  This also includes using the best prepped wheels and axles with speed graphite.

Because precision time results matter even more, humble21creations has also upgraded its 42 ft track with a push button electronic starting gate and digital timer.

As a result, the racer will no longer be at the mercy of an inaccurate, manually controlled starting gate!  Also, a custom built track stop protects the racer’s Pinewood Derby® body from damage.